(Mexico City, b. 1952)

Yoje Dondich studied phycology, logo therapy, design and interior design. Moreover, her plastic art education was developed with different Mexican and foreign teachers such as; Rolando Belfai, Isaac Stavans and Manuel Guillen.

Yoje’s vocabulary in art is complex. It can’t be set in one direction. Her script is figurative and abstract, surreal and dreamlike. The plurality of her work is due to her constant pursuit to express her innermost questioning and creativity. For Yoje, observation is essential and a permanent act for her work.

In her early stages she used drawing to create art with a strong tendency to surrealism, same art that she materialized in oil paintings. Recently, her style took a wild turn to abstract art. It’s about a set of paintings corresponding to a moment. A specific moment where she was formally searching the paint where the color, line and the stroke are the protagonists.

In 1986 her first individual exposition occurred in the Museo de la Ciudad de
Mexico. From that date on she’s been part of collective samples in galleries and
artistic spaces.